Know what you want

Do you know what you want?
Do you want to become
A football superstar?
A prolific writer?
A novel prize award winner?
If you know what you want,
Even if you do not know
How to get it,
You are by far better
Than those
Who don’t know
What they want.
Your challenge is
To find out how to get it;
And use that knowledge
To do so.
Knowing what you want
Is a prerequisite
For getting what you want;
What can you do
If you don’t know
What you want?
You must first know
Your target;
And where it is located,
Before you aim your shot.
Do not shoot in the dark;
Do not shoot blindly;
Shoot what you know;
Shoot what you see;
Knowing what you want
Is the key;
It always precedes
Getting it.
Know what you want;
Know exactly what you want.


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