Are painful past or fearful future keeping you hostage?

Painful Past

Hiya love are you coming along?

Going to watch a wrestling match

The fiercest of finals it is

Super heavyweights they are

Painful past & Fearful future

I am glad this finals is here at last  

To say those 2 cause havoc so bad

Have so far trashed many out even me

Seriously, none my friend will be

I care less who destroys the other

The door to my mind their favourite abode

Is henceforth closed by my bestie NOW

It’s been a long one coming

Let them wrestle themselves away

(c) Marie Abanga, 2017

p.s: When I realized last year that I wanted/needed/deserved to give myself permission to be happy, I still felt trapped by some two big and yet ridiculous elements. Painful Past and Fearful Future were taking me/my mind hostage over and again. And yet, what could I really do about them so that they could leave me alone if not once and for all, but at least for longer periods of time – I mean I had a present to live. I characterized them, even made them subtle friends, and then pitched them against each other – oh boy did they wrestle while I watched and laughed…I can’t recall the score because I cared not, am simply busy with my bestie Present now and am so grateful I got that enlightened lol…be inspired and motivated us all

Here is to a great week


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