Love Letter in a long-distance relationship

Distance means so little when someone means so much… Dedicated to the Love of my Life, Writing a letter to your Love when he or she is far away from you and both of you are equally missing each other !!

I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am feeling right now, I don’t know the reasons why I am so very happy for you, for both of us.

Thank you so much dear for all the lights and glow you have given to my dark life.

I had always felt the need of a partner like you in my life and I am so very glad that you are there with me always in my heart, in my mind.

It’s almost a few years now already and I still love you the way I used to love you when we first met and confessed our love feelings for each other.

You are everything for me and the only person who can make me the happiest.


I can never forget the days and nights we shared with each other together, the Smiles, the Tears, the naughty jokes, watching movies, listening to songs, singing customized songs for each other, travelling together and the moments we made Love . I love you and I will love you forever.

We could spend the whole day or a whole night together and I will still miss you the moment you leave me….. Thanks for making my sad days happy and my happy days happiest ..


Sometimes I wonder Is it only me or is it you too thinking in the same lines?

That whenever I see you, an enchanting calm touches the very core of my heart.

That whenever we have a conversation, I feel like you are the only person, to whom I can let all my secrets out.

That whenever I feel low, you are only the one I want to be with.

That I wish to start all my mornings with you.

That every time when I am with you, I wish time could halt for that moment.

That just the echo of your voice in my mind, releases away all my fears for a while.

That just the thought of you is enough to pull me out my misery.

That a mere thought of being without you gives me chills.

That I wish I could hold on to you till my last breath.

Is it only me or is it you too? Are you watching me dear……


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