SIWO Global News 7th September 2018 #144

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At Trilateral Talks Turkey Wants Truce In Idlib But Putin Declares To Continue Syrian War Against Terrorists

In a Syrian Summit holding Trilateral talks with Turkey, Russia and Iran, Putin said Russia would continue to fight against “terrorists” in Idlib province.  Idlib is the stronghold of the opposition to President Assad, it has 3 million residents and Syria’s forces helped by Iran and Russia are ready for a major bombardment.  Turkey feels the major offensive planned by Syria and allies would be a “bloodbath.”

Parishioner’s Botched Restoration of 15th Century Sculptures Is Criticised In Spain And On Social Media

A set of wooden 15th Century sculptures were restored by a parishioner after the local priest gave her the authority to freshen up the statues.  The previously plain statues are now covered in the red, green and pink paint Maria Luisa Menendez used.  She claims not to be a professional but the images needed to be painted and having used colours that pleased her, her efforts seemed to applauded when her neighbours liked it.

The new garish images of Mary and Jesus, of Peter are still displayed in the chapel in a hamlet of El Ranadoiro, this is the Asturias region of northern Spain.  Asturias’ officials, local councillors and Spanish art conservation association (ACRE) are not pleased with the results.  The images were put on social media and it attracted much discontent.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“Pray not because

you need something

but because you have

a lot to thank God for.”



Contents- BBC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful.   Be Joyful.  Be Peaceful.


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