SIWO Global News 8th September 2018 #145

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3rd Day Post-6.7 Magnitude Hokkaido Earthquake

Atsuma was at the epicentre of the 6.7 magnitude earthquake of Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan and 35 people are known to have died and 600 are still missing.  200 rescuers are conducting Search and Rescue Operations to find missing people, the Chief of the Operations spoke of continuing the search because there is hope.  The strong quake caused widespread power cuts over cities, numerous landslides, roads to open up, buildings to crack and some to tilt and thousands made homeless.  Safe place shelters have taken in those with no homes to go to or those fearful of their safety because of continuing 100 minor and after tremors.

President Shinzo Abe and his Cabinet met to equip Central and Local government officials with the tools to help the sort out the aftermath of this disaster.  New Chitose Airport has opened with limited flights taking off and the Japan Post Bank is open for people who have lost their bank cards to be able to take a specified amount of money out.

New Laws to Control Nuisance Calls In UK

There is now a ban on nuisance calls from Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and personal claims injury companies as the government has moved to put a fine of £500,000 on them, for calling without prior permission.  The crackdown on “menace” by the Information Commissioner’s Office now says people have to opt in to be called rather than the previous opt out system.

It has been found, that British adults have received 2.7 billion unsolicited calls, texts and emails offering help to make claims in the past year.  People must report the nuisance calls they receive. The financial regulatory body, the Financial Conduct Authority found an average of 50 per person.  The Which? own research shows seven in ten people may have received nuisance calls in the last month, the company welcomes the new law but hope the government enforces it.


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The Prayer Of A Righteous Man

Is Powerful And Effective.”



Contents- BBC News     The Independent

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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3 thoughts on “SIWO Global News 8th September 2018 #145

  1. Wow! so much going on in the world!
    I am extremely thankful to you for keeping me up to date!
    6.7 earthquake? I cannot even fathom!

    That’s a whole lot of unsolicited phone calls!! Yowser!!

    Thank heavens for your positive note at the end. It always leaves me smiling! 🙂


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