I am coming tonight

silhouette of person walking
Photo by Subham Dash on Pexels.com
I want to let you know;
That I am coming tonight;
I am coming to meet you;
I want to know your real stand
On this relationship;
You seem to be uncertain;
I see you rather dancing
Forward and backward;
You have to make up your mind;
Either you are on the right,
Or you are on the left;
Either you are in
Or you are out;
There is no in-between position
In this very matter;
No sitting on the fence;
That is why I want us to meet;
So that I hear from
The horse’s own mouth.
Wait for me tonight;
I promise to be there in time;
I will be coming by train.
train by trees against blue sky
Photo by RAJAT JAIN on Pexels.com


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