SIWO Global News 9th September 2018 #146

Knowledge is Wealth

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Brexit Chequers Deal Prompts, “Suicide Vest,” “Feeble and Pathetic” comments, Boris Johnson Sparks Tory Fury

Boris Johnson the former Foreign Secretary, in an article in the Mail on Sunday  regarding Northern Ireland, calls for the ‘principle of backstop signed in 2017 by the  EU and UK to be scrapped.  Fellow Conservatives (Tories) have criticised Johnson as foolish.  Those involved in politics of Northern Ireland, for example, Sinn Fein and SDLP are not happy with the comments.

Elections – Exit Polls In Sweden Show Far Right Party Gaining Over The Social Democrats In The Liberal Country

Exit polls in the elections in Sweden where the immigration matter is top of the agenda, show the Social Democrats Prime Minister saying he will not step down after vote even though the Far-Right party, Sweden Democrats  are gaining ground.  The latest prediction of the exit polls are that the two parties are almost neck and neck.   Sweden has taken more immigrants than the other EU countries and a lot of friction has been building up in the normally liberal country.  By morning all votes will be counted and reveal the full and real results of this historic elections.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“PATIENCE Is The Supernatural Fruit Of The Holy Spirit.”


Contents- BBC News   iBelieve,com

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful .  Be Joyful.   Be Peaceful


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