Do you think it’s best to heal as we live or not really?

Healing-From-the-Inside-OutHealing and Living

To Heal we have to Live

To Live we have to Heal

Never heard of a dead Healing

Nor a Living not craving Healing

Healing is often letting go

Letting go of expectations

Letting go of painful emotions

Letting go of tough feelings

Letting go of unmet desires

Living is loving your life

Living is wanting to be

Living is embracing the now

Living is gratitude for the gift

Living is doing your best 

To Live therefore, we have to Heal

If we don’t Heal, we can’t be us

If we don’t Heal, we can’t embrace the now

If we don’t Heal, we can’t be grateful for the gift

If we don’t Heal, we can’t do our best

With Love and Forgiveness 

Faith and Hope

We can find inner Peace

We can Heal and Live

We can Live and Heal

(c) Marie Abanga, 2017

p.s: I used to think the best way to carry on with my life was to ‘let things be’ and brave on. Bury them, not feel, face or even fight you know…I didn’t want to upset anyone not especially myself…I just wanted to be happy hahaha but when it all came crushing I started all over and then it gradually dawned on me there is no real and sustainable happiness without healing the best we can as we live on. Be inspired and motivated us all … remember it’s Ok either way lol…

Here is to happy weekend


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