I will keep on pushing you

Do you know my plan
For you?
I will keep on pushing you
Until you succeed;
And it us not just any kind
Of success
That I desire for you;
For you I desire
Extraordinary success;
Outstanding success;
I know
You will feel discouraged
From time to time
On your journey to success;
That, I know very well;
That is why
I will be behind you
With my encouragement whip;
I will urge you on;
I will fire you up
I will inspire you;
I will motivate you
To keep going
Until you succeed;
That is my plan for you;
I will keep pouring
And drumming
Uplifting messages into
Your ears until you make it.



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  1. There’s nothing encouraging or inspirational about a whip and you using it on somebody else to make them succeed. Forcing your idea of success onto somebody else is manipulative. Why would you want to control somebody else’s success to that point? The world is full of hard workers. ‘Work hard and play by the rules’ doesn’t = success, except at working hard and playing by the rules. Just my view on how I interpreted this at 6:30 AM. Thanks for your view though. It got me typing early. lol


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