The Second Gender

What was her mistake?

To take birth first of!
To take birth in the wrong family!
To take birth in a wrong class!
To take birth in the wrong country!
To take birth in the wrong planet!!!
What was her mistake?
When she was raped at a tender age!When she wanted to study and not get married!
When she wanted to marry the man of her choice!
When she resisted marital rape!
When she was forced to live a pityful life of a widow!!!
What was her mistake?
When she was denied the right to follow her passion!
When she was denied work opportunity because of her gender!
When she resisted sexual harassment at workplace!
When she demanded equal wages!
When she was thrown off first during retrenchment!
When she was left to die without any help!!!
Why do the “protectors of women” – family, society, government laws – who claim to do everything for a woman, prevent her empowerment?
Why do they deny the basic rights to a woman and brand her as a minority when the woman force constitute an entire half of the mankind?
Why are the women treated as weak and imbecile when they have the ability and strength to give birth to the humankind?
Why do they chop off the wings of an eagle, much before it has taken its first flight, and turn it into an ostrich?
To all the men in the world- try to be a human to your significant half! She constitutes the world “with you” and is not born “for you”. She turns “me” into “we” by giving birth to your child! To the society which denies her freedom- give her wings to fly; she has really big dreams which could change the world for the better! She isn’t imbecile, she is a genius who can transform the world into a better place to live! Just give her a chance!

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