A look at failure

abandoned airplane apocalypse crash
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Are you afraid of failure?
Are you ashamed of failure?
Are you worried about failure?
Are you worried when you fail?

Don’t be afraid of failure;
Don’t be ashamed of failure;
Don’t be worried about failure;
Don’t be worried if you fail;.

Failure is part and parcel of life;
Failure is a normal thing in life;
Failure is a necessity in life;
Failure is inevitable in life;

Welcome failure;
Embrace failure;
Appreciate failure;
Salute failure.

Learn from failure;
Build from failure;
Improve from failure;
Make a stepping-stone of failure.

If you fail, get up and start all over;
If you fail again, get up and start all over;
If you still fail, get up again and start again;
If you fail again, get up and start again.



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