I keep thinking of you

adults beach couple enjoyment
Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com

Today, I got up very early;
What got me up was a dream
I had about you;
It was a sweet dream about you;
I felt raised above the ordinary;
Joy filled my heart as never before;
And can you guess what?
I have been thinking of you since;
Which is not uncommon for me anyway,
As far as you are concerned;
I keep thinking a lot of you and me;
Sometimes, this goes for hours;
I just find myself thinking
And thinking ceaselessly of you;
Many times I have tried to remove
My mind from you,
But each time I try,
My thoughts only go back to you;
The more I try, the more I think
Of you;
And the more I think of you,
The more I want to be with you.


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