Sharing gives more

Many people think that when you share what you have, you become poorer. Hence, when they have, they are selfish and refuse to share, believing it is better for them.

The opposite is what is true. When you share what you have, you become richer. When you selfishly keep it all for yourself, you become poorer.

God will bless you for sharing your blessings not for refusing to share them. When you keep all for yourself, there is no way it can multiply.

What goes out can never come back the same. It is what stays in that is most likely to remain the same until it moves or is moved.

If you look at your community, those who share the most, receive the most and have the most.

Let me use a smile to make you grasp this point better. The more smiles you give, the more smiles you receive. The fewer smiles you give out, the fewer smiles you receive.

If you are nice to people when they are in trouble, wait for the day you will be in trouble. You will have an influx of people coming to show you love.

If you never go to sympathize with people who are mourning, be sure that very few people will stand by you the day you will also be mourning.

If you do not have the habit of sharing because you think that keeping what you are blessed with for yourself is the best thing to do, I advise that you change. Be open handed. Be generous not just with material things but with everything you are blessed with; immaterial things like time, your smile, love, kindness, humour, company etc. The more you give, the more you will receive; and the richer you will be.

We can safely end by saying share and grow rich. Hoard and grow poor. Share and have more. Hoard and have less.


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