Even God cannot stop me

silhouette of man walking between two cliff
Photo by Jayant Kulkarni on Pexels.com

Look at the mountain,
I am on my way up;
And do you know where
I want to end?
At the summit;
Ask me if it will be easy;
I will say not at all;
But one thing, I know;
And about that I am certain;
I will reach the top;
Nothing will stop me;
Not even God will do so;
Get me rightly;
God can do and and undo;
He has all the powers;
He is for me to succeed;
He’s incapable of stopping me;
He can’t stop me;
And if he can’t stop me,
Who can?
I will be right at the top.

photography of person on green mountain
Photo by mirsad mujanovic on Pexels.com



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