Missed opportunities

How many opportunities

Have you and I missed

Since we were born?

How many opportunities
Have you locked out?

I think they area


What do you think?

Many real opportunities

Have slipped through

Our fingers;

I say what I know;

When I look back

At my life,

I see them so clearly:


To be more loving;


To visit sick friends

In hospital;


To carry out kind deeds;


To grow in my work;


To be more considerate

Of others;

I did miss them, indeed;

And what’s intriguing,

I continue to miss

Important opportunities;

What accounts for this?

When I look back,

I see laziness;



Unintentional living;

These are areas to handle

If you want to reach

Your full potential;

Get rid of laziness,

Get rid of procrastination,

Get rid of irresponsible behaviour;

Get rid of unintentional


Don’t forget

Some opportunities

Only come once;

Once missed, they are missed

For ever.

And you may live to regret.

My advice is

Let us not let

Our opportunities slip

Through our fingers;

Make the most of

Your opportunities;

To reach you full potential;

And enhance

Love in the world;

And enhance

The positive in the world;

In short,

And enhance

Good in the world.

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