You may blow it

“Life is most risky when it is sweetest. That is when you can blow it.” (Romilia Quotes)

This is true. You are careful with your life when life is not easy; when you lack the means to live an easy life.

But when you have the means to live an easy life, it becomes very easy to derail; to think you can do whatever you like; and you start venturing into things that can destroy you.

At all times you should be level headed and more especially when life is going well for you.

It is a sign of both wisdom and maturity.

Do not blow it! You may blow your life.


5 thoughts on “You may blow it

    • I think that hard work is important but not sufficient. If you work hard foolishly, you will use energy for nothing. You must be smart in a positive sense. Call it being sharp. Someone can work hard but will not achieve much because the person is not sharp. Two people can spend the same time at work but achieve different results because one is smart and the other one is not. That is how I understand it. If you have different thoughts, please, share.

      • I totally agree! Sometimes, people call being smart as being lazy. That is so rude! Like, if someone can manage things last moment better, why raise the entropy in the world!😁

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