Do what it takes

When my friends are sleeping,

I will be up and toiling;

I know what it takes;

While others are comfortable

In their soft beds sleeping;

I will place myself far ahead

Of them by being up and doing;

Toiling is the key we use

To open the door of success;

If you are prepared to toil,

Be ready for the success ahead;

If you are not ready to toil,

You can simply just forget.

No one will come and place it

In your palms.

The rule is go get it

Or you don’t have it at all.

And I see no reason why I have

To sit fold my arms and don’t

Have it;

If it’s to go get it, I am ready;

I have to do what it takes.

Same, I sincerely expect of you;

You always do what it takes.

Go get it by being up and toiling

While others are snoring in bed.


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