I don’t mind mistakes

Talking about mistakes,
I don’t mind mistakes;
I don’t let mistakes
Be an impediment;
I don’t think too much
About mistakes;
Not that I don’t care;
I do care about mistakes;
But I don’t carry them
On my head;
I don’t fear making mistakes;
I don’t worry about mistakes;
I don’t fume about mistakes;
What I do is
I do what has to be done;
I do it the best I can;
And if in doing it,
I makes mistakes,
I let it be;
I correct them and
I move on;
Who does not make mistakes?
We all do;
And if you don’t make mistakes,
You don’t grow.
You don’t worry about mistakes;
Instead, thank God for them
And use them to grow.
Often, and this is for
Those who know,
Mistakes are
A tremendous blessing
In disguise.
Salute mistakes;
Embrace mistakes;
And grow through your mistakes.


5 thoughts on “I don’t mind mistakes

  1. AMEN …. something I’ve learned in the last few years is that everything happens for a reason, no matter how bad … there is a reason and it because there is something better in the horizon, there is growth, there is a new door to open. Mistakes are just steps given to grow.

    love your reminder. Thank you 💋


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