I wish I could help

I know your pain
I see your pain;
I feel your pain;
I know what you’re
Going through;
It pains to know
How desperate you are;
To know
What’s happening
To you;
I see how you are
All alone;
Left all alone
To go through this;
It’s too heavy for you;
And you are all alone;
I wish
I could help;
But see I can’t;
There’s nothing
I can do;
It saddens
My heart.
What do I do?
It pains;
I really wish
I could help.
All I can do is urge
You to take courage;
To be strong
As you have always been;
To trust in God;
And run to him;
He will rescue you
From the wolves who are
Out to devour you.
He will rescue you.

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