Move God to answer your prayer

You are a fellow worker with God in life’s laboratory where you execute the project of building your life. To realize this project, God sends you ahead and follows silently behind.

As he walks after you, he confirms or endorses every decision and action that you take.

If you build a castle, God will endorse it for you. If you build a hut, he will do same.

If you build something beautiful, he will confirm it. If you build a crooked house, he will confirm it for you.

If you build no house, God will confirm the fact that you have not built a house. This means you will not have a house.

In effect, you determine what God does for you. If you pray, you are the one to move God to answer your prayer.

You move God to answer your prayer by doing what you have prayed for; putting in the time and energy needed to have what you have prayed for.

Do not pray and sit back and do nothing. God does nothing for those who do nothing. Go does things for those who do things.

God passes only through you to work miracles in your life. If you believe that you are a channel for God’s works in your life, and you work wholeheartedly to open that channel for God to use, he will use it to channel to you what you have asked for.

Do not complain that God has not answered your prayer. He always does if you let him do it by being a fellow worker with him.


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