SIWO Global News 13th September 2018 #150

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Cabinet Meeting Gets Briefing On Bank Of England Preparations For ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Bank of England governor Mark Carney gave the Cabinet a special private briefing at 10 Downing Street on what was being set up in case England crashed out of the European Union without a deal.  The warning of dire economic consequences, difficulty in getting drugs for hospitals, of falling house prices, tumbling pound currency and rising unemployment.   Much has been made of how Mr Carney was smuggled into this unprecedented Cabinet meeting through the back door.

Hurricane Florence Sends Fear To the East Coast Of America In Flood Warning As Wind Is Downgraded

The downgrading of Hurricane Florence was good but the slow wind is predicted to bring torrential rain with storm surge of sea water filling the lowlands and floods from the rivers in parts of Carolina.  Apart from the coastal areas dozens of states will be affected and tens of millions of residents have been evacuated.

Ivory Smuggling Finds New Routes to China

The demand in China for ivory is still very high and illicit traders are finding routes through Vietnam, Laos to the Diongxing Province of China.  Undercover officers filmed a Vietnamese shipment of a 1.5 ton consignment.  For this distressing trade 11,414 elephants were killed.  The art of carving ivory into intricate figures or for medicinal and other purposes is seen as worth the suffering and death  of the elephants by the hunters, the middlemen, the exporters, the tradesmen and the customers.

State Funeral For Kofi Annan In Ghana

The former UN Secretary General was laid to rest in his native country of Ghana, where a State Funeral was held drawing world leaders, politicians and royalty as well as may young people who were inspired by him.  Tens of thousands of Ghanaians and Africans who watched on television.  The moving service saw his family surrounded by the love and appreciation held by the people of Ghana for the respected son of the nation.  Later on a private burial took place after the public ceremony.

Inspirational Story/ Quote

“I can find God in nature, in animals, in birds and the environment.”

by Pat Buckley


Content- BBC News.   Brainy

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful  Be Joyful   Be Peaceful


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