Still I Smile: Are you keeping your smile like myself?


Still I Smile


You can mock me all you want

Murmur my plans will fail

Foresee my projects are doomed

Whisper am a loser

but still I smile


You can pretend I am your friend

Talk behind my back all you can

Make excuses for avoiding my calls

Rejoice over my mistakes

for your hypocrisy still I smile


You can sit there and gossip

Spend your time visiting

Talking about who said and did what

while you grumble nothing is working

to that misery I smile


Don’t think you are the loser?

Are you serious you still can?

Do you think anybody really cares?

Why not say you can’t instead of the silence?

That’s why still I smile


I just get it – it’s not about me

You are whallowing in your own misery

self pity, doubt & loathing masqueraded

you point a finger and three point to you

Isn’t that worth smiling at?


You now can tell my smile

I smile at me, for me and with me

and it keeps me oh so young

ever fresh and genuine

no need for make up

I’ll keep my smile


Your friendship ain’t worth my mind

I’ll have my smile with each meal

and for each mistake I make

I’ll keep the take

And for that …

still I smile

(C) Marie Abanga

Keep smiling

p.s: Sometimes we take such hits in life for different reasons, and they rock our boat and knock us really off feet. I have been most shaken, but the blizzards caused by people especially some I though had my back. I don’t know about you, but I have come to stop given them that permission to make or leave me any ruffled. The inspiration to write it away in poetry has and is a definite life saver for which I am most grateful. And this is why, no matter how bad it get, I take my membership with the happy league seriously, and Still I Smile…are you looking at it this way too?


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