I wish to hear from you

Thank you
For thinking of me;
And sending me word
That you still
Think of me;
Can this be
The beginning of
A new beginning?
I feel excited;
I am still to come
To terms
With the fact that
You left me
For another;
How could you do that?
After all that
we have done
And all the love
We professed
For each other;
I keep hoping
That one day
You will come back
To me;
Can this be
The time?
Truly, I am excited;
And wish to hear
From you.
My heart still burns
For you;
And I believe
This will go for
A long time;
I recall with joy
How we started;
We thought of no other
But us;
I remember how
I anxiously waited
For you everyday
To come back home.
We were mad about
Each other;
Then all of a sudden
Our love hit the rocks;
I am so lonely;
Shall we revive our love?
That is what
I love to hear.


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