Self-Publishing & Blogging tips 9.21.18


There are so many

People that want to sell

You “their” secret!

I could hug the people

Who share their process

For Free!

1)Blogging – Visit your neighbors!!

Pick 2-3 blogs a week at least.

Read their posts.


Leave feedback!

You can be an introvert in the real world.

On your blog, share your thoughts, prose, journey or whatever your ❤️ desires.

But, if you want to grow your audience,

aka – followers!

You need to be neighborly!


You can visit, when they aren’t home! No one is going to call the cops! HA!

AND they ARE going to Thank you! 🤔


MEET & GREET parties too!


2) Self-Publishing 📚

Does the word marketing, give you the creeps?

Make you want to hide?

If you are just starting, Aunt Betsy is going to buy your book…

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One of the wonderful things I learned from dark depression is, for me, a most helpful and fulfilling part of my lifetime gathered hand dandy survival tips and tricks that are carried in my tool box-are best shared with a side of humor, gratitude, New England photography with my sidekick BGage, creative writing and wit. I help "me" by sharing and listening to other's tales and tips of success. Trust me a lot of people carry those tool boxes. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

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