Waiting is not wasting

If you want to succeed,
Value your waiting time;
Make good use of it;
It is waiting time;
Not wasting time;
Waiting time
Is waiting time;
Waiting time
Is not to be wasted;
You are waiting
Not wasting;
It is to be utilized;
Not idled away;
Fruitfully exploited;
For your good;
Why not the good
Of others?
What you are reading
Was written
During waiting time;
As I waited,
I thought of sharing
On waiting time;
I have done this before;
But thought to do it again;
It’s a pleasure I did;
I enjoyed sharing on
Waiting time;
If you read it with joy,
I thank God.
Thank you for reading.
I encourage good use of
Waiting time.
Good use of waiting time
Can fetch you success.
If you comment on this
Or hit the like button,
Then I did not waste
My waiting time.


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