Are you still playing pretend dear friend?


If at 3 I knew no better than play pretend

By 9 I knew fully well I played pretend

But put 3 and 9 together

At 39 I definitely can’t continue

Playing pretend like I don’t know

It’s now far past my age and circumstance

I mean if I keep playing pretend now

Can you imagine if 93 meets me here

What a rigmarole and sheer ridicule

like I learnt nothing from life all along

Nope I now know better

for my sanity and hollistic wellbeing

I need to stop any play or semblance of

Say it as it is, do it as I say, love it as it comes

learn and love and live full cycle

Playing Pretend was just a game

I can’t turn that into reality

That will mean wearing a smile and towing the line

The unconventional in me cries fowl

Hence am no longer playing pretend

(c) Marie Abanga

P.S: I seek to inspire and motivate others the same way I inspire and motivate my own self. I wrote this poem as I turned 39 this January 2018 after sitting down with myself (am my own best friend lol) and telling it to myself. No more stifling emotions and faking feelings or hiding others, that’s the only way I can be the best version of myself and truly be happy. Be thee inspired and motivated, that way you let your light shine…


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