You are only a caretaker

Nothing here is owned
By you;
You are only a caretaker,
You are not the owner
Of anything;
The things you think
You own,
Are not owned by you;
Who says you own them?
They have been given
To you
Just for a while;
To take care of them
And return them
To their owner;
Your life is not owned
By you;
Yes, it belongs to you
That you may take care
Of it;
You are not its owner;
Your mansions;
Your limousines;
Your bank account
The power in your hands;
Belong to you;
But you don’t own them;
They can be taken away
From you at any time;
Never forget your role
As caretaker;
Detach yourself
From things you don’t
And will never own;
Don’t put your heart
In them.
They are not yours.


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