Decide rightly today!

Decide for yourself today;
Decide what you want;
Decide what you like:
Decide where you will be:
Decide your place in life;
Decide your position;
Decide how to go;
Decide how to come;
Decide when to go;
Decide when to come;
Decide who to go with;
Decide who to drop;
Decide what to take along.

Dear beloved,
Life is built on decisions. Another word for decision is choice. When you decide, you make a choice. When you make a choice, you decide. And those choices or decisions are what build your life.

You have to be careful about the choices or decisions that you take. Prudence is advised. At the same time, you have to be daring. Do not be too prudent. Do not fear to risk; but take wise risks.

A wise risk is one that is well calculated. It is looking at all the sides of an issue and though the chance of success may be only a little higher, you decide to do it all the same.

A wise risk is not doing a thing despite the fact that there is every indication that you will fail.

That is a foolish risk or a foolish decision to take.

Often, we become too prudent and miss many of our opportunities. You will never leave your footprints on the ground if you are always going on tiptoes.

God will guide you to take the right decisions, make the right choices and take good risks. All you need is to put your trust in him; depend on him; surrender to him.

Yes! Turn to God every time for guidance when you want to take a decision or make a choice. He will guide you to do it rightly.

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