Generating good ideas

What do you know about ideas?
How do you react to new ideas?
Are you fast to recognize good ideas?
And do you welcome or reject them?
How do you get good ideas?
The last question is the most important;
And on it, therefore, let us tarry most.
Read, read, read; listen to others
And learn and new ideas you will get;
You create good ideas
By feeding your mind with quality food.
Share the things you learn;
Teach somebody;
Don’t keep to yourself;
What you keep to yourself will not grow.
Take time to think about what you read;
What you hear, learn and see;
Capture and store any idea that pops up;
You may be reading or listening;
You may be silent or watching,
Ideas like to pop up when least expected;
Capture them by writing them down;
Don’t let them fly off;
They may not come back if they go.
Look for the positive in every idea;
Do you observe the things you see?
Observe for ideas;
Many you will find;
Go on the web and surf for new ideas;
The web is an ocean of ideas;
You will get tons of ideas by socializing.
Ideas matter;
Ideas rule the world;
Learn to generate ideas;
On good ideas your success depends.

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