Excellent writing

Prior to writing this post, I read a good number of posts and feel happy about it. That has enabled me to gather knowledge which I am convinced will be useful to me the rest of my life.

Reading is mind nourishing and mind enriching, especially when you read rich and well written material.

Some people are gifted in the art of writing. They write so well it flows and gives real pleasure to read.

Of course, such ability does not come in a day or on its own. It is usually the reward of hard work. Often, they spend many hours a day, for many years working hard to cultivate and perfect their skill.

Undoubtedly, the best way to attain excellence in writing is to write and write; and also to learn by reading the writings of some of the masters of the art.

No one can deny that there are skills that need to be learned, but ultimately, it is the practice that makes perfect.

It is for this reason that I encourage you to do two things daily – to read as much as you can and to write as much as you can.

By reading, you feed on nourishing mental food from other minds. By writing, you practice to put your own ideas on paper as best you can.

To attain excellence in writing ability is a worthwhile ambition. There’s no easier way to reach the human heart and win it to your side than through the spoken or written word.

Our take-home would, thus, be, to read and write with a view to perfecting your writing skills so that you may easily get to the human heart and win it over to your side.

The more fellow humans we win to our side,the more we succeed. No one succeeds in a signifucant way without a large number of people on their side.

To succeed is to have or win someone who matters to your side and the more of such people you win to your side, the better for you. Excellent writing does that excellently.


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