SIWO Global News 16th September 2018 #153

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Chile Child Abuse And Sexual Abuse Covered Up By Lies

in 2010 a survivor of clerical sexual abuse reported his case to the Catholic Church but it did not take notice, now several more allegations are threatening to capsize the church.  El Bosque is the wealthy Santiago parish where Fernando Karadima was a priest, he was a role model and many young men joined the priesthood.   He was later exposed as a paedophile and sentenced by the Vatican to prayers and penance for life.  More priests have been exposed  and Chile’s child sexual abuse as well as allegations by nuns are being investigated.

The Lenham Legacy- Who Paid The Highest Price

Due to mortgage defaults, job losses and stagnant wages a popular yet painful sightings of thousands of foreclosed homes boarded up has become the norm.  Above all the last 10 years has been very hard for families going through this financial crisis and their personal stories was part of a special edition recorded by the BBC World Service.  The Lenham Legacy is remembered for being at the root of the financial crisis, taking the homes of many hardworking Americans, creating financial schemes that are difficult to get out of.  A panel led by Manuela Saragosa  with experts from different parts of the world also discuss where might the next crash might come from and are we better prepared to deal with it?  The legacy and consequences of the recession is also on the agenda.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“Air And Water, The Two Essential Fluids On Which All Life Depends,

Have Become Global Garbage Cans.”


Jacques Yves Costeau


Content- BBC News  . BBC World Service .

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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