Waiting for God? Be moving

If you want to succeed,
I assure you,
It is possible;
Put your full trust in God;_
He is ready to help you succeed;
But still go to work
And work very hard;
God is for you always;
But still beg for his help;
God knows your needs;
But still tell him what you need;
God will forgive you;
But better you obey his law
And avoid sin;
God is there to protect you,
But be careful with your life;
God created you to succeed.
But you cannot fold your arms and expect to succeed.
God can do it for you;
But while waiting for him
To do it for you,
Be doing your best to do it yourself;
Success will be yours
Because God is on your side,
But while waiting for Him,
Be moving.
Since he moves faster than you,
He will catch up with you
And take you along
In his jet plane.
Please, while waiting for God,
Be moving.


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