Do you like or dislike money?

Do you like or dislike money?
How do you see money?
Negatively or positively?
Do you like to be rich?
Do you fear to be rich?
Why do you like money?
If you have a lot of money,
What would you do with it?
Some people say money is bad;
But money is not bad;
Money is good;
With money,
You can do much good;
But you can also do much evil;
Money is good or evil,
Depending on what you do with it.
The best thing to do with money
Is to use it for the good
Of humanity;
To use it to develop society;
Money is a good thing to have;
Have as much as you can;
But get it in a good way;
And use it in a good way.
The right attitude to money
Is a positive attitude.
To answer the question:
“Do you like or dislike money?”
My answer is, “I like money.”


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