Look for ways

Look for ways
To bring out the best
In you;
There is so much in you;
Look for ways
To bring it out.
Are you ready?

Look for ways
To excel;
You are greatly endowed;
And you can excel;
Why not look for ways
To do so.
You better do.

Look for ways to shine;
Don’t cover the light
In you;
Put it on the lampstand
To shine
And light up
The world;
Look for ways to do that.

Look for ways
To get to the peak
Of the mountain;
It’s steep, I know;
Extremely hard to climb;
But there is a way;
And you must look
For it.

Look for ways
To become a champion;
Yes, I mean a superstar;
That, you can become;
There’s a way;
And you will find it,
If you look for it.
Are you ready?

Will you look
For ways to be your best?
That is your challenge;
Others are doing it,
Why not you?
I don’t like you
To short sell yourself;
Look for ways to be
The best version of you
That you can be.


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