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The Human Body And Its Mysteries People Are Curious About

On a radio programme, ‘In The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry’ a couple of science sleuths and presenters called Dr Adam Rutherford and Dr Hannah Fry investigate everyday mysteries sent by listeners.  People are now very curious to know about their gut bacteria.  This might have come from the years of enjoying fast foods and followed by the current age of awareness of good food and healthy lifestyles.  The human gut contains around a 1000 different species of bacteria.  According to Rutherford and Fry, here are a few things people can do to encourage their bacteria to flourish.

Feed your skinny bacteria

Higher numbers of the bacteria Akkermansia are found in naturally slim people and this has led to suggestions that the said microbes could prevent weight gain.  Red grapes is a favourite meal.

Microbes is a way forward

Eating a variety of different foods can encourage a diverse range of bacteria in the gut.  Fibre is a great for your good bacteria and these can be found in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods. garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, banana, apples, blueberries and chickpeas, all encourage good bacteria like Bifidobacteria

Be wary of probiotic claims

Little evidence has been shown for the validity of probiotics being marketed to  promote healthy gut.  They may benefit very young and old patients who have had treatment with antibiotics.

Think sour and smelly

Kefir, miso and unpasteurised chesse  are naturally fermented foods and are good sources of healthy gut bacteria.

The greatest gift of all

This seems extreme but people seriously ill with bacterial diseases such as Clostridium difficil, which can infect the bowel and cause diarrhoea can consider a stool transplant.  This is done with a tube passed into the recipient’s colon or nose.

Take a crapsule

The above may be too much for some, so a ‘crapsule’ for popping into the mouth is an alternative.  Donated by healthy donors the stools are freeze-dried ready for processing, they are filtered into acid resistant capsules and are therefore not damaged by the acids of the gastric juices.  They then break open in the lower intestine where they start their good work.

Typhoon Mangkurt Battered Asia Causing Fatal Landslide In Philippines

About 100 people are feared dead in a land slide in the Philippines, residents took refuge in hillside accommodation hoping to escape the strongest storm of the year,  Unfortunately the heavy rainfall caused the earth to move and slide down burying many, rescue workers are frantically trying to reach the victims.  They are working without the equipment needed because the terrain makes it impossible to get the machinery there.  Friends and family are waiting for their loved ones to be brought out alive.

Inspirational story/Quote

“We Won’t Have A Society If We Destroy The Environment.”


Margaret Mead


Contents- BBC News.   BBC Radio 4.

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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