Sorry I misread you

Sorry, I misread you;
Sorry, I got the wrong message;
I saw love where there was none;
I saw love in your eyes;
How mistaken I was;
There was no love there;
I saw love in your smile;
Now, I know better;
It was a deceitful smile;
I read love in your words;
But what was there wasn’t love;
They were deceitful words;
I was damn stupid;
But it’s okay;
I am not alone
To trust when I should not;
To believe when I should not;
If you see me laughing,
Don’t think I am fine;
I am laughing over difficulties;
Do you know what it means?
For your best friend to let you down so badly as you have done?
You were my heart;
My whole heart;
You were all I had;
I had full trust in you;
I knew that if the whole world
Turned it’s back on me,
You would be the only one left
For me;
See what I discover;
That you don’t belong to me;
That you belong to another;
That I mean nothing to you;
That your heart is for another.
That I am all alone;
That no one in this wide world
Loves me.
Can you imagine how I feel?
If you were the one in my position,
How would you feel?
To say the least, I am shocked.
I am sorry I misread you.
But,you know what?
I will stay strong.
I will start my life again.
I will not crumble.



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