If God cannot do it

Listen to me!
Let me tell you;
If God cannot do it,
He has all the answers;
He has all the powers;
He can do and undo;
If you’ve been battling
With a situation
And making no headway,
With no light glimmering
At the end of the tunnel,
Turn it to him;
The things that are
Impossible with you,
Are possible with Him;
For him miracles
Are the norm;
To put your trust in him
Is the wisest thing
To do;
The fruit to reap
Sure to be abundant.
He replaces tears
With laughter;
Despair with hope;
Loss with gain;
Failure with success.
Where there is no road,
He creates a way;
When you feel at the end
of the road
And about to turn back
Empty handed,
He fills you
With the spirit of persistence
To stick to it
And end the day the winner.
God is the answer.
If he cannot do it,
It cannot be done.
But always, he does it;
And spectacularly he does it.

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