You cannot destroy me

I don’t only feel strong;
I am strong enough;
Perhaps, even too strong;
You cannot destroy me;
You may break your word
And turn your back on me;
And throw our relationship
To the dogs;
I will stand strong;
You cannot destroy me;
If you try to break me,
You will find it hard;
I am unbreakable;
Push me down,
I will be up on my feet;
Throw me on an iron wall,
I will bounce back;
That is me;
You cannot destroy me;
You waste precious time
To try.
You cannot do it;
You cannot destroy me.
Remember we vowed
For better or for worse;
What is it that I see?
Breaking your word
Without blinking?
You want to destroy me?
Forget about it!
You cannot destroy me.


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