All night, I did not sleep

All night, I did not sleep;
I was thinking of you;
And wondering what
You were up to at that time;
I kept asking myself
“Is she alone?
With somebody?
Is she cheating on me?
Is she faithful to me?”
These questions kept me awake;
I felt jealous too;
All this shows how much
I love you;
I love you so much
I can’t stand another person
Fidgeting with you;
I mean all night
I did not sleep;
I would turn myself in bed,
Close my eyes;
And pray for sleep,
But it wouldn’t come.
Can you see the depth of
My love for you?
You better mind what you do
In this relationship.
I do not want to keep spending
Sleepless nights
Worrying about our love;
Make things clear to me;
Are you for me or not for me?
And if you are for me,
Make sure you are for me;
That is the heart of the matter;
I am not going to accept
Half measures
When it comes to our love;
Either we are in fully
Or not at all.
Last night, I did not sleep;
This night, I want to sleep.

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