I hope I make myself clear?

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Photo by Piet Bakker on Pexels.com

My dear one,
I don’t know if addressing you
Like this is correct;
I don’t care;
I no longer know how
To address you;
But that is not important,
No time for jokes;
I got up early today,
To write this letter to you;
To warn you against playing
With my emotions;
You are playing with
My emotions
You are doing
Something dangerous for you
And for me;
Something very dangerous;
Something for which you will pay
A high price;
Do you know what it means
To play with someone’s emotions?
To make me put my heart in you
And then you begin to play around With another one?
Right in front of me?
Why did you tell me
You loved me
When you knew you did not?
Why did you assure me
You would be faithful to me
When you knew you would not?
Why did you promise
You would never leave me
When you had plans to leave me?
Can you explain why
You promised me
All your heart
But it’s all gone to another?
Do you expect me to take it
Lying down?
I want to let you know
There is a lion in me
That was asleep;
It is now awake;
And is seriously hungry;
What is happening now is,
You are playing
With a hungry lion.
You get me right, do you?
You have to be careful!
You have to be very, very, careful!
I hope I make myself clear!
You are moving carelessly
Around a hungry lion;
Whose desire to pounce
On its prey
Has been trippled;
Because you have wounded it;
You have to be more than careful.


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