SIWO Global News18th September 2018 #155

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UK Report- Post EU And Immigration

A report on Immigration has concluded that,  immigrants from EU are to be under the same rules as non-EU migrants.  They propose a cap on skilled workers, and say the Government must make it possible for higher skilled workers from outside the EU to come to UK to fill the job gaps like in the NHS  and IT.  All lower skilled workers are to face restrictions unless there is a bespoke agreement.  The talk of restrictions has prompted the Manufacturing, Farming and Hospitality industries to alert the Government of their need to have the workers they need for their industries.  For example, the Hospitality industry needs 200,000 migrant workers a year to run its businesses and cannot afford to be without them.

Israel Blamed For Causing A Russian Military Plane To Be Shot Down Syria

A Russian military plane was shot down a Syrian anti aircraft guns, the Reconnaissance plane came down killing all 15 people on board.  The blame has gone on Israel for causing this to happen.  The incident happened over the Mediterranean Sea, the Russians say the Israelis were using the Syrian plane as cover for a bombing raid on Syrian targets.

Inspirational Story/Quote

“The Environment Is Everything That Isn’t Me”


Albert Einstein


Content- BBC News,   CNN

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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