How do you listen?

How do you listen to others?
How well do you listen when the
Master speaks?
Do you listen with half an ear?
Or you listen with a full ear?
How can you listen while You read?
How can you listen while You watch Television?
How can you listen while You browse?
How can you listen while You are on the phone?
Do you listen with your ears?
Or you listen with your mind?
Do you listen with your heart?
Do you listen like a believer?
Or you listen like a non-believer?
Truly, we need to listen;
And listen well;
And listen with all our heart;
We must listen with love;
We must listen with a caring ear.
We have two ears and one mouth,
To listen twice as much as we talk.
Do you want God to listen to you?
Sure, you do, when you pray;
You must, on your part, listen to God
When silently He speaks to you.
Listen to his Eternal Word,
That you may know and do his will.
That he may richly bless you.

Note: I drew inspiration to write this post from a poem by the prolific writer and psychotherapist, Abanga Marie titled could you just listen? Many thanks to Marie for this inspiration.


2 thoughts on “How do you listen?

  1. Wow, so cool a poem and call to reflection. I love listening and give the other person my undivided attention as much as I can. I don’t hear well to begin with, so I need to pay more attention even when I have my hearing aids on. I don’t look at my phone or book etc when someone is talking to me, no I make eye and read lip reading contact lol. And yes, above all, listening to God, that one is in the silence of my heart, at all times but especially when I wake up and go into my serene space hahaha

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