Must all words be spoken for you to listen?

Unspoken words

Those you don’t say

Those you can’t say

Those you wouldn’t say

Those you didn’t say

Those you really want to say


Unspoken words

Those you want me to hear

Hear straight from your heart

Hear by your stare

Hear by the feel

Feel of the hug you scared to share


Unspoken words

Sometimes the truth is in such words

The real you stuck with them

The fade you says fine

But those who have learned

To listen from the soul

Will clearly hear words unspoken

(c) Marie Abanga


p.s: A new month is starting and this is the 10th month of a year which just started like ‘yesterday’? What could we have missed out because we didn’t ‘listen’? Maybe because someone didn’t actually ‘speak the words’ and we are all accustomed to listening to only what is spoken? Maybe we were the ones whose words also got ‘stuck up’ in us, who wanted to say them but for some reason couldn’t get to doing so? Maybe just maybe we could learn or determine to be more attentive and empathetic and strive to listen too to ‘Unspoken Words’? I wrote this poem earlier this year because I felt there was more that could be possible if we acknowledged the power and possibility of Unspoken words, and be ‘strong’ enough to ‘listen’ to one another and ourselves too. Be inspired and motivated everyone and have a great month


6 thoughts on “Must all words be spoken for you to listen?

    1. Hi Wendy, I am grateful for the inspiration to share what goes on in my life. There are people I haven’t met nor spoken with, but we work online like via chats, who tell me they felt so listened too even when they didn;t say or write much. We lift up each other, and all I want to do is inspire and motivate

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        1. Thank you Wendi, I do by Grace and I appreciate this rather than the contrary. It comes with its own challenges but I love being me. Hopefully those like us already existing inspire and motivate many more like ‘us’ lol. sending you blessing tons full all the way

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