Give generously to the one who gives generously to you

Where does everything that you have come from? I mean your life, your children, your health, your money, and your property such as your home, your car, your furniture etc. Who is the author of these blessings?
The answer is clear: God. God is the source of your life, your family, and all your possessions.

God is the source of all your intelligence, wisdom, and talents.
God has blessed you wonderfully in so many ways. You may be having worries, and difficulties, and and be tempted to jump to the conclusion that you are not blessed.

You are blessed. You have more blessings than you know; more than difficulties or misfortunes. If you make an inventory of your blessings, you will be happily surprised by what you have. Your blessings outweigh your troubles.

A good question would be: do we appreciate our wonderful blessings? How much gratitude do we show God for our many blessings?

There is no doubt that many of us thank God in our prayers for all the good things he does to and for us. But as we know, action speaks louder than words. What do we do for God beyond words?

An excellent way to thank God is to give him back some of what he has blessed us with. God loves a cheerful giver. God loves a generous giver; and shows the example of generous giving by blessing us with all that we have. Of course, he does not drop manna from heaven into our hands as he did in biblical times. But he gives us wisdom, good health, a job, or a business to enable us acquire the things which he wants to bless us with.

In thanksgiving therefore, we are expected to give back to him some of our blessings. As God is kind and generous to those he loves, and as we are usually kind and generous to those we love, we must be kind and generous to God whom we love and who so generously gives us.

Many people do not know anything about thanksgiving. Many people are not warm about thanksgiving. Such people need to give it a second thought.

In many Churches, thanksgiving is organized at the end of the year to offer the faithful an opportunity to say “Thank you” in action to the one who has blessed them so abundantly.

Thanksgiving is not for us to celebrate at home by dining and wining with family and friends, but more to thank God.

Make sure you use this moment to show gratitude to God. God loves a cheerful giver.

You can also give to God by giving generously to a needy fellow human being. There are many people who need. They cannot afford anything. They lack food to eat, clothes to wear, medication when they are ill. They live in misery. To reach out to them is to reach out to God.

And God blesses the generous giver. Give generously to God who generously gives to you and you will receive generously from a generous God who generously gives.

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