Remembering who you are in the midst of hard times

This is beautiful.

Ridley Me This

When life is all hunky dory it’s easy to remember our worth and our identity. When life starts throwing curveballs left and right, well, we forget who we are. At least I do. Our worth may change in other people’s eyes when circumstances change that send us down a road we wish we weren’t on, when we fall short or when we start making mistakes, but in God’s eyes, we’re always worthy. He never forgets our worth, our identity or that we were chosen to be His.

We are always chosen, accepted and loved unconditionally by God. When we feel our identities slipping away because of hard times, that’s when we have to draw ourselves closer to The One who always knows our identity and always knows how worthy we truly are. If we don’t fully embrace our identity as a child of God, we become vulnerable to what the…

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