SIWO Global News 19th September 2018 # 156

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Spotlight on The First-Ever U.N. meeting on Stop- TB

In  New York the Stop T.V. Partnership, WHO, UNSAID, WEF, Global Fund, African Union, IFRC, KNCV, MSG, PATH, THE International  Union Against Tuberculosis  and Lung Disease, UNITAID, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNF, CDC, GFAN, OSF. PIH, TB People, Nikkei and J&J.

The U.N. Secretary -General, Antonio Guterres and Bill Gates of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who is Co-Chair Aand Co-Founder will give keynote addresses to end the occasion, which puts TB in the spotlight. The first-ever UN High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) where Heads of States and Government will adopt the UN Political Declaration to syop tuberculosis is on the 26th September 2018.  It is a historic action and about 40 Heads of State are hopefully going to address the High-Level Meeting plenary sessions.

Many events are planned and these include TB INNOVATION SUMMIT- OUR JOURNEY TO END TB BEGINS NOW and Our Night with the Stars, a celebration to with a Gala Dinner and entertainment to honour TB Champions.

War Child – A Charity Helping Children To Learn To Live

Emotional support is the key to War Child’s activities to help the children caught up in war to learn to live.  In the Gamawa displacement camp, near the city of Duhok in northern Iraq, several children from 100 families and their parents have had two years of psychological support from War Child.

Escaping Isis after the brutality of war and seeing atrocities, caseworker reported the children came with history of waking up screaming, fearful to play outside, being scared of the dark, crying or screaming, lashing out aggressively, and bedwetting.  This unique support is not seen as an emergency response to war, however, it has been vital in the stopping spiralling consequences.  These include damaged family ties and school work is negatively affected.  In turn it leads to hopes of future careers being dashed, anger and domestic violence.  Children like Eman want to be a lawyer to help humanitarian cases and Osama overcame fear of walking alone and plans to be a firefighter.

Inspirational Story/ Quote

“A Child Miseducated Is A Child Lost.”


J F Kennedy


Content from BBC news. Evening Standard.  Brainy

SIWO REPORTER: Susanna Dziworshie

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