The magic of words

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What is here that hooks you?
What is in these lines,
That make them so special?
I see they caught your eye;
They caught his and her eye;
They’ve caught so many eyes;
What is really in them?
They touch your heart, right?
But why do they touch you so?
They don’t touch all hearts;
Some look but don’t see;
You look and I see you see;
You listen and I see you hear;
The words touch you deep inside;
And you feel what is in them;
What is in them or what is in you?
I see the magic of words;
They melt one heart not another;
Yes, truly, the magic of words.
Give me the magic of words;
The formidable magic of words;
Let me melt hearts with words;
No, not melt but glow hearts;
Let me glow hearts with my words.



6 thoughts on “The magic of words

  1. Words are like a boat up[on the waters, and the waters may be savage or calm, but they are constantly susceptible to change. Therefore I cannot know if my words will find you on the calm or on the stormy day, or even if you want to run with the wind?

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