A little bit of motivation!

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? This is my first post as a member of this community of great authors and I am thankful for this opportunity. This chance has motivated me to pursue and further explore my writing.

I started blogging in 2015 but was not regular at it because I felt incompetent to write something to motivate others. Why?

I was in my early thirties with an incomplete professional degree and no job experience. I had hardly worked; initially because I was not getting a job which interested me and later because I became unsure of what I wanted to do.

You can understand that I was at a very low point because my friends and peers where way ahead of me in terms of careers, financial stability and family life (these are the common criteria to measure success).

In all these negative situations, the one thing I never lost was HOPE. This hope motivated me to keep going. It told me that things would not always be the same. I had already seen the worst and there was nothing below it. Now I just had to go up from there.

This was the starting point of change in me. I had to change myself internally before bringing about an external change. I began working on me. I began reading books, I found my Guru during this time and started following his teachings, I started keeping in touch with people to whom I really mattered no matter what.

These efforts started bringing small changes in me like:

  • From 100% negative mentality, I became more than 90% positive. I began to see good in every situation. Instead of believing that things would always go wrong for me, I began to visualize everything going good for me.
  • I accepted my failures and decided to let go the hurt and replaced it with positive thoughts and emotions (this is still work-in-progress as the scars were deep-rooted).
  • I began to love myself a lot more. I started enjoying my own company. My thoughts about me made me happy.
  • I became a grateful person and began to appreciate everything that life had given me and stopped taking them for granted.
  • I became confident about what I thought and felt. I started working on building my self-esteem.
  • I began to explore various hobbies to know my interest. It was not for money but for my creative satisfaction. It was an effort to know myself better.
  • I was never a creative person – this thought used to discourage me. So I changed my thought to “I am creating something new everyday for my own self”. It was for me and so it hardly mattered what the end result was.

As part of this creative pursuit, I started a blog in 2015. I wrote on and off. I noticed that I was enjoying the process of writing and the end result. I was happy when people liked it, or commented on it or followed me.

But still I had a doubt. How could I motivate people with blog posts when I had not achieved anything in my own life? That was how I usually stopped blogging resulting in long gaps between my posts.

In early this year, while going through my usual doubts I had a realization. It is easier to motivate our own selves and others when we are successful (normal concept of being successful) in life because we can actually see our success one after another but it is very difficult to motivate anybody (even our own selves) when we have seen lots of failures and when we don’t know what being successful means or feels.

All my failures had taught me to hold on to my HOPE that good things will happen in my life. I struggled to motivate myself every single day so as not to give up. So much motivation based on a simple yet powerful hope! That was when I felt that if at a time like that, I could motivate myself, I could motivate others as well, I could be for them what I was for myself – a support.

So I decided that I wanted to be a  pillar of strength for people in need.  I wanted them to know that things would eventually get better but they had to hang in there (without quitting), motivate themselves and BELIEVE that things were actually going to get better. They had to believe that there had been people like them, before, who had also suffered, learnt all the lessons and later became successful.

So friends, motivation is important.  But self-motivation is the key. Learn to motivate your own self. Books, articles and people will show you the way but the real motivation has to come from within. Three tips on motivating your own self:

  • Start with something small – maybe a habit or a hobby, learning something new, building a skill, taking care of yourself, loving yourself a bit more everyday, resetting your priorities and goals etc.
  • Give yourself a year (maximum time) of gratitude, prayers, love and learning and see things starting to change for the best.
  • Motivate others to motivate yourself. When you see somebody in need or complaining (about their life), instead of joining in their complains, motivate them. Energize them. If they take the energy from you and turn their life around, that will be a big motivation for you as well.

I know there are people who have seen many failures in their lives and so they (or sometimes their families) have branded themselves (them) as failures for life. But I believe that till the time we are alive we still have hope to turn things around.

Please know that there is nothing like success or failure in life (I know it sounds cliche but its true). They are just experiences and every person goes through them at different points of their lives. Thank God for what you already have (and believe me when you actually sit to count your blessings you will feel richer), ask for what you want and motivate yourself to take a small step everyday to achieve it.

I am always there with you! I support you!

Thank you for being my motivation!



27 thoughts on “A little bit of motivation!

  1. Great post! Too many people wait to feel qualified for their dreams when they could learn by doing, I’m glad you’re on your way. Just curious what kind of guru you were referring to?

  2. This one is especially inspiring for me as I am also someone going through a phase where I have not achieved anything significant in life, but I want to motivate people to reach their goals. This one was very special for me. Thank you for your contribution. Cheers.

  3. I’m so.proud of you for following your path of you! We often get so tied up in what we have going on we forget to inspire others! You have inspired me to keep pushing! Follow me as I continue to follow you!

  4. I really liked it there and you know I feel the same that positive vibe uplifts a person. It is an amazing vibe and is definitely inspiring. My latest post is on positive vibe as well where I have explained how to identify positive vibes from a person and given three quick life tips and the second one will shock you up. I’d be glad to know your profound views. Tap the link for the article: http://thesoultalks10.com/three-crucial-factors-to-identify-positive-vibes/
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Welcome Rashmi. What a great and candid introductory post. looking forward to reading more of your journey with self-motivation, self-awareness, self-compassion and all the other selfies hahahaha

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