Happy Birthday Rising

If you are running an activity on the web that readers love, it will do well. In such a case, it will be a good thing not only to continue it, but to look for ways and means of improving and expanding it so that your readers may enjoy it even more.

For more than two years running, our beloved friend and reputed Indian author Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, has been running Happy Birthday on SIWO.  Ranjeeta has been simply amazing. She has done an excellent job to keep us informed of the birthdays of people in the blogging community. Her commitment is so inspiring.

We are motivated by her selfless dedication to invite more bloggers to enjoy this happy birthday activity. It is in this light that the SIWO Board to step up this enjoyable activity by redoing registration. Do well to register. On your birthday, Ranjeeta  to take off time from her charged schedule to publish a post about it on SIWO; and as usual invite our over 9000 Community to visit and wish you a happy birthday.

We are blessed to have a personality like author Ranjeeta Nath Ghai doing this for us. It shows her love for people and the value she attaches to service to others.

Please, send us this information:

  1. Your name;
  2. Date of birth (leave out the year if you like);
  3. Brief presentation of your blog. (What your blog is called and what you blog about);
  4. The link to your blog (url).

If you like to know more about the marvelous lady behind SIWO’s Happy Birthday Corner,  You will find Ranjeeta all over the web but why not start with Food All Time?


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