I’m a Night Owl

Lexy Monty

It’s 3:33am and I’m not so tired. At night, I have so many thoughts, and think about everything I want to do!

I can stay awake all night and sleep all day. For some reason I really like sleeping when it’s light out! That’s when I get tired! Lol

It sucks sometimes because there are day’s when I have to, or want to be up early for certain events like the farmers market or appointments. I refuse to get a constant morning job! I do work gigs that are in the am, and I struggle to wake up for them.

On night’s I know I have to be up early, I try to go to sleep at a reasonable time…but that never happens! 😂

There are time’s when I wish I was an early bird but then I think…nahh!! Night time is just so much more fun!! 😁

My mom…

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